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Handmade paper offers varied textures, versatility, rich colors, romance and sensual quality. It explores and expands its uses in a wide range of products. Forming a blend of quality and color, these handmade papers can be classified into a wide range. They can be broadly classified on the basis of the material used to make handmade paper. Handmade papers can be made of various plant fibers and wood free fibers. Silk papers and vellum papers are also the most commonly used handmade papers.

Bagasse Paper

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Bagasse Paper

Bagasse is a tough fiber derived from crushed sugar cane remaining after the sugar juice has been extracted. It is used as a reinforcement in laminates and molding powders. Bagasse is among the world's most widely used and available non wood fibers. Bagasse is the most eco-friendly renewable resource for paper making. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited uses about 800,000 tones of Bagasse a year replacing wood in the manufacture of paper. Kimberly Clark is a major producer of bagasse paper, primarily for paper towels and tissues.

Bagasse paper is a paper made by redissolving bagasse pulp. It is an opaque, medium weight handmade paper with inclusions of bagasse fibers. Handmade Bagasse paper has a smooth texture, high density and tight stiffness. This paper can be recycled like original paper. Bagasse papers are used for high grade printing paper, publishing and stationery. They are great for collage, invitations, book covers, rubber stamping, packaging and many other uses.......More


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