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Handmade Paper Treatment

Hand made papers areeco friendly. They are gaining popularity because of their unique features like elegant and exquisite surface for writing, high strength and unmatched texture for drawings, wide varieties of greetings, invitations, decorative wraps, etc. high tensile bursting, tearing and fold strength as compared to mill made paper and it has a long life, which preserves traditional arts and crafts

The paper has different texture and different form depending on the treatment given to the handmade paper. The paper is treated with several materials like dried petals, flowers, various colors n paints, etc. to give an unique and appealing look to the paper. In addition to the materials used in its manufacture, there are several other characteristics distinguishing different types of paper. Papers come in a variety of weights, or thicknesses. The surface of the paper can be either smooth or rough, depending on how it is pressed.

Coated Paper

Coated paper represents 18% of global graphic paper demand and has consistently shown the fastest demand growth of any paper segment. Coated paper is a paper with a finish, glossy or matte. It is a paper with special substances applied to its surface during manufacture which gives it a varying degree of gloss. Requires ovens for drying while printing. They are coated by a special process to produce an almost glass like surface for vibrant, realistic color prints.

Coatings are usually applied to paper to:

Achieve uniformity of surface
Enhance opacity
Achieve economy for base paper finishes

Cast Coated Paper

A coated paper with a high gloss finish is called cast coated paper. While the coating is still wet the paper is pressed or cast against a polished, hot metal drum.

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Matt Coated Paper

This paper has calcium carbonate added in its production to make a more satin effect from an art paper. These papers, due to the process, are more prone to rubbing when printed and need to be sealed.

Art Paper

This is a term used to describe the best quality of coated papers that have a coating of china clay or other mineral applied to each side of the sheet, which is then 'calendared' by steel rollers to give a gloss finish. ......... More

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